Removal and installation of the condenser of the air conditioner


Warning 1: Before starting work, discharge the air conditioning system (contact a specialist).

Warning 2: Some 1992 models are equipped with an R134 A/C system Parts of these systems have yellow labels with the words "NON - CFC". Also, the compressor clutch on the R134 systems is gold in color. They are very similar to the R12 type compressors, but are not interchangeable. Do not use R134 type compressors in R12 systems that are on all models prior to 1991.

1. Drain the cooling system fluid (Chapter 1).

2. Remove the electric fan with casing (section 4).

3. Remove the radiator (section 5).

4. Disconnect the two pipes on the right side of the condenser. using a 1/2" spring lock tool (see chapter 4).

5. unscrew the bolts securing the condenser to the radiator support (see picture), remove the capacitor from the vehicle.

15.5. Air conditioning condenser assembly.
1. Screws with washers (1 pc. for each bracket).
2. Gasket.
3. Top left condenser support bracket.
4. Capacitor.
5 Top right condenser support bracket.
6. Collector with tubes (discharge line coming from the capacitor).
7. Condenser tubes (to the accumulator / suction dryer. evaporator, fixed tube).
8. Bottom right condenser support bracket.
9. Bottom left condenser support bracket.

6. Installation is carried out in the reverse order.

7. Have the system charged and checked for leaks by a qualified technician.

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