Replacing the motor and resistance of the heater and air conditioner


Motor and fan assembly

1. Open the glove compartment door, release its latches, lower the door down.

2. Unscrew the nut that secures the recirculation pipe bracket to the hood (see picture).

3. Disconnect the vacuum connector from the recirculation vacuum motor inlet.

4. Remove the 6 screws securing the recirculation piping to the heater/evaporator assembly (see picture).

12.4. 3D view of the recirculation piping and fan motor in the housing.
1. Recirculation pipeline.
2. Motor.
3. Fan.
4. External air intake.
5. Recirculator door.

5. Disconnect the heater assembly from the recirculation piping. lower the latter into the opening between the instrument panel and the heater housing.

6. Disconnect the fan motor electrical connector from the wiring harness.

7. Remove the fan bracket and the fan itself (see picture).

12.7. Three-dimensional image of the fan, motor and case assembly.
1. Fan.
2. Gasket.
3. Motor housing (integral with the body of the heater unit).
4. External air intake.
5. Air intake gasket.
6. Motor
7. Locking washer.

8. Remove the 4 screws from the motor base plate. Remove the motor from the housing.

9. Install in reverse order.

Fan motor resistance

10. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

11. To get close to the fan motor resistance and thermal limiter, open the glove compartment door, release the glove compartment housing locks and lower it down. The fan motor resistance and temperature limiter are mounted on the heater body (see picture), to the left of the recirculation pipeline.

12. Remove the resistance electrical connector.

13. Unscrew the two screws securing the resistance and remove it from the heater body.

14. Installation is carried out in the reverse order.

Caution: Do not apply sealant to the mounting surface of the resistance.

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