Replacing differential seals


Caution: When the right and left axle drives are removed at the same time, the differential gears must be supported otherwise they may fall into the housing (except 4-speed automatic transmission). A wooden pin with a diameter of approximately 23.8 mm will do (15/16 inch), inserted into each of the side gears. If precautions were not taken and the gear fell off, the differential would have to be removed from the gearbox to re-insert the gears.

1. Using the recommendations section 8, remove the axle drive.

2. Using a large screwdriver or a pry bar, pry the seal out of the gearbox housing (see picture). Do not damage the hull.

3. Lubricate the outer edge of the new seal with oil or grease, then place in the hole and carefully lower into place using a hammer and large socket (see picture).

4. Lubricate the sealing edge with base grease "moth", then install the axle drive (section 8).

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