Tailgate (station wagon) — removal, installation, adjustment


1. Raise the door, secure it in the open position.

2. Pull out all electrical connectors and connections.

3. Mark the location of the hinge screws with paint.

4. Disconnect the upper ends of the door support posts by prying and removing the spring clips with a small screwdriver.

5. Ask an assistant to hold on weight so that you can unscrew the hinge bolts of the door, then lower it down (see picture).

13.5. Tailgate details.
1. Loop.
2. Tailgate.
3. Intermediate element.
4. Loop seal pad.
5. Cover panel.

6. When installing the door, put it in the normal position and tighten the bolts to the required torque.

7. Connect the support legs.

8. The position of the door can be adjusted by lowering the slider and loosening the bolts securing the latch to the cover (see figure 13.5). Move the door to the desired position and tighten the bolts to the required tightening torque.

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